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The Wynn's Story


Tilik and Katrina Wynn have been married for over 23 years and they have a teenage son, Tyrik. Over the years, Tilk and Katrina have worked together on many business ideas and knew that when they saw the talent and determination that their son Tyrik had, that going into the production business would be another great business venture. This is how Wynn Productions LLC was birthed. 

Tyrik showed an interest in the television industry at a young age.  He always knew he had a special gift and wanted to show it off to the world.  His parents watched him as he studied his craft of becoming a television journalist . They knew he was serious about being a journalist when they came home one day and he had turned the family room into a news room and started his own YouTube channel.

Katrina has always loved watching television.  Growing up, she would rather watch one of her favorite television shows than go outside to play and hang out with her friends.  She also loved to read, which lead to her eventually writing her first book "Make Sure Your Love Is Bigger Than Your Wedding!".  She gave readers insight on how to have a successful relationship and long lasting marriage.  Katrina loves writing and coming up with attention grabbing titles so, she expanded her talent into learning how to write scripts for television and treatments for show ideas.

Last, but certainly not least, Tilik the glue that holds everything and everyone together is the talented camera operator and photographer that has an eye and vision for the perfect shot.  For years, he has been intrigued and fascinated with photography and the magic that you can make a video camera perform.  Tilik continues to craft his skills and is always looking for the best equipment to help bring the clients vision to life.